About Philomusica

Philomusica exists to:

  • Sing good music well
  • Welcome all regardless of skill and experience
  • Foster an atmosphere of learning and enjoyment

 Philomusica has a set of core values which we hold dear:

  • To be supportive and inclusive
  • To provide good quality music
  • To develop and use our own soloists
  • To have a professional approach
  • To be financially sound

By staying true to these principles we have achieved a great deal since our formation in 1966.


We have:

  • Built a choir of over 90 voices
  • Given over 900 concerts
  • Performed in major venues; Gloucester, Worcester & Hereford Cathedrals as well as Tewkesbury and Pershore Abbeys and Cheltenham Town Hall
  • Performed in a huge number of smaller venues and churches
  • Been on a number of overseas tours: France, Holland, Belgium & the USA
  • Given solo opportunities to many talented local singers
  • Raised thousands of pound for charity


Right from the very start, we considered that the provision of a wide variety of  music and the giving of concerts in a multitude of venues, large and small, were vital aspects. Over time, through doing this, we've gained many friends and partners who help us achieve these objectives.


We're a very friendly, forward-looking organisation that works hard to attract interest across the generations and cultures. So whatever your age or background, come and meet us, you'll be made very welcome.


Below are some comments made by Mike King who, for some years, was both an excellent and faithfull member of the bass line and a first class secretary


Mike King

Mike King joined Philomusica in 2004. He was an important member of our bass section and also served for several years as the society's Secretary. In summer 2010 he left the choir when he moved to live in Devon. Here are his parting thoughts on being a member of Philo

There is no doubt that I shall miss my weekly dose of Philo, and inevitable that I shall be comparing it with the new choir that I'm sure I'll find in Devon.


Everyone in Philo is so lucky. I hadn't really realised how much more enjoyment I got from singing simply because Philo sings so much music! The other choir with which Liz and I sing regularly does what I suspect is the usual routine of a single performance of one or two pieces per concert and they give concerts two or three times a year. So, the chances that you will come back to a particular piece of music in the future is negligible. And the wide range of the repertoire was great.


But for me the real strength of Philo membership was the support from other members. There was always someone who was more secure in the line; someone whom one could listen out for, which would help me remember how the music should go (helped at performances by the cunning practice of having some of the better singers towards the back!).


Good luck (not that you will need it) and keep up the good work.

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